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Why Choose Yafah One?


Yafah One Enterprises has a research lab, which provides an advantage of the use statistical research proven models, programs and counseling that is derived from health psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, quantum biology and faith to help eradicate personal and world health problems.


Yafah One Enterprises has an advantage over their competitors, because first there are none who can compete. Yafah One Enterprises is the first of its kind, pioneering new areas to solve personal and world health problems. We use multiple scientific fields of study in order for individuals to live healthier longer enjoyable lives.


Yafah One provides the ONLY Holistic & Alternative approach for Christians to spirit, mind and body personal development, that ensures success in every area of your life. No matter where you find yourself, you will benefit from the services of Yafah One to release your genius and flow in your greatness. 


We Believe In:

  • Healing People

  • That All Lives Matter

  • The Advancement of The Mind Body and Spirit Research

  • That We Must Reach for solutions to sustain life

  • The Power Collaboration: Which is the Leveraging of collective genius

  • Excellence

  • The Passion for winning in the pursuit of Life, liberty and happiness

  • Holding ourselves accountable for results that solve the individuals and the worlds needs.